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Leafy Creations

Leaf Leggings - Mid Length

Leaf Leggings - Mid Length

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Soft Cotton Jersey leggings with prints of a real leaf on them!

The cotton is lovely and soft and these leggings, like all Leafy Creations are specially designed to help enhance your nature connection.

These leggings are printed in Bali and then hand stitched by me in my studio just for you when your order is placed.


Leaf Legging Features:

- Breathable Organic cotton lycra that is really soft and lush
- Eco printed because we care about our impact on Mumma earth,
- Fair Trade made because we want all people involved with our production to be happy and fairy paid for their work!

Please note: The first colour mentioned is the colour of the fabric. The second colour is the vein colour :)

Waistband Measurements:
(slight stretch to full stretch)

XXL: 108 - 160 cms (42.5 to 63 in)
XL: 85 - 115 cms (33.5 - 45.5 in)
Large: 77 - 95 cms (30 - 37.5 in)
Medium: 72 - 85 cms (28 - 33.5 in)
Small: 70 - 80 cms (27.5 - 31.5 in)
XS: 65 - 75 cms (25.5 - 29.5 in)
Waistband is designed to sit at the mid-point between hips and waist, just above the hips


Suitable everyday leaf clothing for elves, pixies, faeries, etc etc

Note: Slight colour variations can occur due to colour tones on computer screens differing and sometimes dyelot colours change slightly between batches.

Photography by Jessica Juniper

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