About Us

A Leafy Story

I love wild places, trees, forests, leaves, big night skies, bare feet on the earth and also did I mention LEAVES!!!... I LOVE LEAVES... A LOT!

The leaf obsession began a decade or so ago when I found I wasn’t feeling very connected with most other humans. I felt a deep love of nature that not that many people around me seemed to share. I began to feel very distant from the consumerist driven wasteful world and didn’t want to belong to it. I just wanted to be a little nature sprite and run away into the magical forest realms where faeries and elves and other magical creatures reside, care for nature and pretend this horrible human reality didn’t exist... but it does, and I am human...

Then I found outdoor festivals where other like minded souls gather... and then, inspired by these unique human creatures I found at these gatherings.. I started to create clothing to help me feel more comfortable in my human skin, clothing that was super comfortable for everyday wear, but magical enough to keep that nature sprite spark alive in me!

I then began to understand that many people felt the same way.... So Leafy Creations was borne to help other creatures who don’t feel so connected to the human experience feel more comfortable in their human skin. My Leafies are made from soft yummy organic cotton lycra that feels super comfortable, enabling you to be able to dress up head to toe like a little magical creature in giant leaves, or just add a little Leafy something to your work wardrobe to constantly remind you of your magical nature connection.

Leafies help you blend into the forest or stand out in urban spaces, whilst keeping you super comfortable and feeling at home wherever you go. They are also durable enough for every day use! So I hope if you get yourself some leafies that you wear them lots!

Earth Conscious: Part of Leafy Creations proceeds go to The Wilderness Society who do great work at empowering people with knowledge and engaging them to lobby politcians and parties about environmental issues. I also donate to other environmental and humanitarian causes regularly.
I use certified organic cotton lycra that is Made in Australia in my creations where possible (90% of items), my prints are all done using eco printing practices and I ensure all people I work with are fairly paid and are happy.

That’s a small part of my leafy story and here is me in my new studio as of June 2023!

Leafy Love
Mandz x