Collection: Tie Dye Leaves

Step into a world of vibrant fantasy with Leafy Creations' tie-dye collection, designed for Ren Fairs, LARP outfits, and eco-friendly fae fashion enthusiasts. 

Our unique tie-dye apparel is crafted from premium organic fabrics, dyed in Melbourne with rich, lasting colors, and meticulously hand-printed and stitched in Queensland.

Perfect for Renaissance Fair costumes, LARP clothing, and everyday whimsical wear, our collection includes stunning dresses, tops, and accessories that ensure comfort and durability for all-day adventures.

Embrace the magic and stand out at your next event with our eye-catching, eco-conscious designs. Shop now and elevate your festival and LARP wardrobe with Leafy Creations' one-of-a-kind tie-dye pieces!