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Leafy Creations

Leaf Flares - Petal Pants - Long Pants - Organic Fabric

Leaf Flares - Petal Pants - Long Pants - Organic Fabric

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Size & Colour

Leaf flares! Just what every magical creatures wardrobe needs for the cooler weather!
Adjustable length, just scrunch the sides up if you're a wee faerie or let the sides right out if you're a tall faerie!
Super comfortable in stretchy cotton lycra.

These were so popular! So I've now made them in a few more colours!

Colours in Mermaid tail pic 😂
From left to right
- Purple with Teal (better in real life!)
- Purple with Bronze
- Black with Green
- Dark Olive with Light Green
- Black with Purple

Created using:
- Organic cotton lycra that is really soft and lush,
- Eco printed because we care about our impact on Mumma earth,
- Fair Trade made because we want all people involved with our production to be happy and fairy paid for their work!

Also a portion of each sale goes to The Wilderness Society because they are doing amazing work to help
- strengthen Australia's environmental policies and to Geco who do great work
- defending the front line of our native forests.

Stunning leaf prints on the petal flares!!

Waistband sizing:
XXL: 108 - 160 cms (42.5 to 63 in)
XL: 90 - 110 cms (35.5 - 43.5 in)
Large: 75 - 95 cms (29.5 - 37.5 in)
Medium: 70 - 85 cms (27.5 - 33.5 in)
Small: 65 - 75 cms (25.5 - 29.5 in)

The waistband is designed to sit in-between your waist and hips, just above your hips.

They will be a little tight to fit to start off with but will wear in perfectly for your size :)

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