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Leafy Creations

Two Leaf Skirt - long - Velvety Leaf

Two Leaf Skirt - long - Velvety Leaf

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Size & Colour

Soft and sumptuous velvet leafy skirt! Great for over the top of leggings or short shorts or even over a long skirt.

Large: 80 - 100 cms (29.5 - 39.3 in)
Medium: 72 - 85 cms (28 - 33.5 in)
Small: 70 - 80 cms (27.5 - 31.5 in)

Message me if you want one in a size or colour that is unavailable as I can probably custom make you one!

(I’m totally cracking up at how unco I am at modelling!! No wonder I stopped doing it after the first leafy photo shoot over 10 years ago! 🤪)

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